Anatomy of a shirt design.

So I promised on my other blog that I’d do this and because of my work load of late I haven’t had much time to get everything ready. But now I found some! So here is the way I do things from beginning to end. This is the shirt design I did for Faces of Bayon. It it’s pretty efficient for me, this all depending on how clear the direction is from the client. In this case super clear! I’ll take you from thumbnails, to pencils, inks, color and then the finished piece.

So this is my thumbnails for the shirt design. I usually do them on any scrap paper near by, I never use drawing paper, it’s a waste. This time it was some celebrex post its. I sometimes send them to a client, sometimes I don’t. This time I didn’t. I will look at references I can find, whether it be photos, artwork, movies, music or something like that. Doesn’t matter. I’ll take ideas from that and then use it for the piece. This time I picked the one in the lower right hand corner.

Here is the finished pencils, I don’t really have a preference on how tight I make my pencils. It depends on the style I’m going for with the piece. This piece took on a more Noir/Bradstreet look to it so I went really tight with them. This stage is when I send it to the client also. I sent them this for approval and they loved it.I used a photograph for this of one of the statues at the Bayon temple. It filled out really nicely and I dug the way it looked.

So after that’s done I will do the inks for the piece. This one was nothing but brush and crowquil. I used huge pools of black to get a darker feel for it because the statues have slight smiles and the band has a dark tone to it so I wanted to offset it. There are slight shadows on the edges and I wanted to touch that in with some stippling. I also touches some of the accents off at the top with shadows to make it balanced between the white and black. That’s also why I added the cracks.

This is the finished piece, I wish I would of saved some mid coloring pictures but I banged this out quickly and didn’t feel the need too. I added some effects to fill out the design, it seemed bland with just the faces there and faded the bottom into the shirt to give it some more flow. The rays behind were used with the same color as the faces. I used the pallet of colors on the picture I used as reference straight to this piece. I used corel and my wacom to color it, I love the shading effects I can get.

So that is a run down of my process and one of my designs, hope this helped out any budding artists or designers, or someone who is new to digital coloring. I enjoyed doing it.



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