Update on my comic book.

So today I was really art-ed out after a full week of straight client work. I gave my self the day off and watched the Rays game and finished writing the script to my story I, Six. I’ll be posting more info and promo stuff after the copyright gets back.

I finished the script tonight and I feel like it got a whole hell of alot easier after the first 20 pages. The characters started writing them selves and I started thinking through their eyes when writing the dialogue. I started editing in their voice. I second guessed things that I wrote for them, thinking they wouldn’t do that! Or this is something they would totally do!

I am going to be doing the panel roughs and layouts. I’ve been looking at this book by Scott McCloud that my girlfriend got me called Making Comics, yea it’s easy to find. After this I give writers alot more credit than I did before. Which was alot already. It’s hard at first, but I’m happy with how it turned out. After I write the first 5 issues, which will be the of the first TPB, I am going to edit it. But I want to do the art between each issue.  Or maybe I won’t, maybe it’ll help the continuity. I don’t know.

More Later.


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