Oil Spill, My Comic and History.

This week has been damn busy for me. Finished some work for Grande, it should all be done by the end of this week or middle of next week. I also said screw the sketches I made for Destruction Volt and restarted their album art. I have to say I am very pleased with it now. The direction is great and I’m getting a nice style to it. It’s kind of creating it self.

I also finished up the panel thumbnails for my comic. I posted a low res picture below of them. Tonight I began working on the cover for it. I decided they will be put out in TPB installments. I’m really happy with how things were mapped out but I doubt they all will stay the way I sketched them. It’s the nature of the beast. This is a hard thing DIY-ing a comic, but it’s really worth it and I’m enjoying the whole thing.

I took Saturday off and my girlfriend and I went to this sunflower maze in this organic farm in this cool one horse town about and hour and a half north of Clearwater, FL. I’ll go into detail later and pictures but the experience was nice, hot as hell because summer is coming down here now but it was nice.

The point of this I was getting at is we wen’t to one of our favorite Sea Food places, I’ve gone there since I was a little kid. My grandfather was born in Pittsburgh, PA but grew up in Aruba when his parents moved. He grew up fishing and boating. He held alot of interesting jobs including a high rank in the coast guard, held the title of captain for 40 years I believe and was offered the job of senior over seer of the first UPS operation in Europe in the 50’s. He was a full time volunteer at the Clearwater Marine Science Center, now the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, one of the oldest aquariums in the Bay area. They named their star attraction, a rescued dolphin named Sunset Sam after him. He was an eccentric person, but him and my father raised me on the gulf. We would go fishing in the gulf or off of various piers, I learned to swim and sting ray shuffle before I could tie my shoes. So needless to say the gulf means a lot to me.

The place is called Molly Goodhead’s, they have the best Blackened Yellow Fin Tuna and Fried Oysters ever. They are a local fisherman only restaurant, nothing that is served is flown in. Everything was alive 4 hours or less, except the Gator but I refuse to eat that. I like them too much, but yes it does taste like chicken. We went there and I was pleased to see they still sell local seafood. Nothing was changed, the menu wasn’t interrupted due to the oil spill. Down here people are scared to touch the sea food. Which is a shame because off our coast, nothing has been harmed, the oil isn’t here. Some Italian restaurant was complaining about how they think everything is tainted. While some may be, studies in the area have shown it’s fine, for now. But our distance may help, I don’t know.

This oil spill has hit Florida, not literally but monetarily, BP and Gov. Crist have made it their mission (I don’t trust a word coming out of BP’s scathing mouth) to aide businesses hit by the spill. Crist set aside a lot to give businesses hit money so that they won’t tank. The Sea food industry is a huge part of our economy here. You’d be surprised by how much of what you eat comes from here. I reveal in the fact the 4 shrimp you pay for at a restaurant in NYC that came from our waters costs as much as it would for four pounds here. I’ve been silent about it but I’ve had a piece I’ve been working on that I didn’t know what to do with until after I saw Emek’s oil spill print. So this upcoming week I’ll be posting my form of venting. It pisses me off to no end but I know bitching won’t fix a damn thing. So this will be my show of aggression.

Lastly, at the end of the month I will be leaving to go up to Pennsylvania for a week visiting family and my yearly trip to Gettysburg.  I’ll be gone from June 27 til July 4th and the 5th I will be busy too. I won’t be doing any work while I am up there. So if you want to get work in before then I’ll be waving my rush fee starting June 13th.

A really horrible resolution picture of some panel thumbnails for my comic from my phone.


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