Back from my vacation (a week after)

So this years trip up to PA was alot of fun, well started out like shit though. Some how, some way (not surprised), I caught I cold in the airport or the night before and I was sick on the plane and for the next two or three days. They were all a blur really. Reservations had to cancelled at the hotel my parents and I booked and ended up getting a far better one to stay at the day after. We had a great time in Gettysburg, the trip there was pretty nice, always love the drive through the country but this time we took a route through the Appalachians and Maryland. They changed the town it seems since I was there two years ago. A few monuments moved, alot of the field has been revamped, they put a new battlefield on their maps and the new visitors center…DAMN! While we were there we decided to try and explore the less traveled areas of the field for us. Places like the Slaughter Pen, Spangler’s Springs, Cemetery Ridge and such. We also went before the Re-Enactment which was nice. Not alot of tourists, the day we left it was PACKED.

We then drove south to Manassas, VA to the battlefield which I loved. I’d actually prefer to go there and the other two or three in the area next time I travel up north. The field is so quiet and beautiful, you can see from miles away and they do a great job of not letting you see many modern buildings. The hill trail for first battle was probably my favorite part of it. The trip there was horrible, seeing as our GPS decided to take us through D.C. a few days before the 4th as well as a night where Strasburg was pitching a home game for the Nationals I think. The statue of Stonewall Jackson was beautiful, though some what idealized. I doubt you could see a man’s pecs and washboard abs through a wool frock coat and undershirt plus vest. Unless, he indeed, was made of stone.

The rest of our time was spent leisurely in the Allegheny area with my aunt and uncle up there. It was relaxing, needed some time off. Though most of it was spent scrambling to find out how the Rays are doing and trying to find a signal to my lap top. I got home just in time for my girlfriends birthday which we had a great time on. Went out for a nice lunch then went to a Rays game Vs. Boston, I’ve never heard such hatred before as 30,000 booing and screaming men and women with cowbells and vuvuzuela when the Red Sox came up to bat. Glad we came back and won that game. But my girlfriend loves our mascot, Ramond. He came to our section and she got a bat from him signed by him which was really cool. We spent the next day going to this pottery place and painting these cool little things which she liked alot, I had fun with it too.

But now I am back, and my break is over. I am getting back into the swing of work well, I am actually finishing inking the Destruction Volt album cover tomorrow, if not tonight. I am almost finished with the first issue’s script for Pariah Savior, which I am really happy with.


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