This semester I am taking a printmaking class. Learning how to create intaglio(etchings), relief prints, mono prints, reduction prints and screen printing. The freedom that we get from the subject matter of this class will result in me creating alot of different prints of work that I’ve been working on. I’ll be selling these prints on here and after awhile I will be offering it, like I said I would at the beginning of this year. Horribly late, I know. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile and now that I will be learning the techniques and creating the pieces it’s going to happen by way of needing a grade.

I’m reaching the half way point with Destruction Volt’s album work. Been conversing back and forth and really confident on this piece. Loving the exchange of ideas and now were starting to move from the front to the middle of it.

The sale I have is ending tomorrow. I will honor the clients that reached me this month for when I start on their work. A lot of people liked it so maybe I’ll do it again next month, think of some new things to do.

The comic ‘Pariah Savior’ that I am working on is going to be moving to issue 2 with the script. The choice to make it a graphic novel is feeling like the right one. Especially me writing and doing the art for it. It’s feeling good so far and the concepts for the characters is turning out nice. Getting a feel for how I am going to be drawing this, style wise.

The art show that I was supposed to be a part of apparently turned out to be a success. I wasn’t able to be a part of it due to a bunch of work being dropped on me in my classes. Lack of time and energy killed it for me. BUT! I will be in another there on October 24th for a Halloween theme. I’m stoked for this one!

Tomorrow I will be posting my progress on the relief print, my sketches and so on.


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I draw stuff.
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