November Coming Sale & Catching Up

This month has been hectic, mid terms, projects for classes, personal pieces and client work. I’ve been working on various designs for my print making class and finally made one I am happy with (posted below). On December 2nd my class is having an art show which the 20 or so prints I am making will be for sale. So if you like the design, head out there or hit me up if you can’t make it and want one. My midterms were a sinch, got A on them if you were wondering.

I also worked on some of my personal projects a bit, hit a bit of a road block, concept wise so I’m putting them aside for awhile. Did come up with some ideas for some short run, maybe 3 or 4 issue horror stories, maybe a one shot if I could condense it enough.

I finished inking the cover for Destruction Volt and I finished inking Thorr-Axe’s shirt design, both look better than I expected. The Thorr-Axe one I posted below.

Next month I am doing a sale on ALL illustrated work. All month long any illustrated work will be 20% off. I decided to do this to make up for the lack of the free artwork give away, yet again. So if you’re in need get ahold of me this month. I do hold spots for serious inquires for a limited time past the month. So I am lenient.


About Vicarious Press

I draw stuff.
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