Process Post #2 Decaying Farm

I like posting process stuff because I love looking at them at other artists blogs. Gives you a chance to understand how another artist interprets things and lays them out.

So this one is a shirt design I did awhile back for a band called Mothpatterns. They wanted a scene that looked like a run down farm with some warm depressing fall colors to it, even though I did it during the summer.

This was the penciled roughs. I sometimes don’t render every bit but most the time I like to render in every detail that I’ll put into the piece. It makes it easier for me and the type of style that I ink thinks in. I kept a rounded theme for this to kind rule things around. If you make your self a border the minds eye of the viewer will do it too and it makes it have a cleaner feel to it.



I inked it pretty heavily, I like making alot of marks because it adds more texture to the piece. I was purposely sloppy with this because it’d make things more interesting and sometimes I had overly perfected stuff. This piece was supposed to be a bit more cartoony anyways, well stylized I guess. I exed out parts that were going to be all black, alot of comic artists do this for their inkers or to remind them.



I didn’t do much to this thing when I colored it, I ended up painting all the parts on Corel with my Wacom and decided I wanted to lay a big layer of color. I put the picture in a oval because I felt it’d play off this antique style I wanted for it.

I have another one I’ll put up soon. Using these to put up content until I can show this new shirt design I am working on. It’s look sick so far!


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