Holidays, Age and Art.

So next week is a hectic one. Needless to say, I probably won’t be getting much work done. The week of Thanksgiving has always been a bit of mess because I have a pretty large family and they usually come to town for dinner at my Grandma’s, add that with the fact my birthday is usually a day before, after, or, like last year, on Thanksgiving. I can’t believe I’ll be 22.

I hope to have the cover finished for Destruction Volt finished and have the final touches of the inside and back started. They won’t be nearly as involved as the cover. This project has taken longer than I wished but I blame my self for that. This is a pretty involved project and I want to make everything perfect so I’ve gone kinda slow on it.

This week I finished the shirt design and layout for Thorr-Axe, which looks sick. I will be showing it next week. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Also, the Crowley prints I made will be available in December. There will be limited number of 8 available. I also will have another block printing available towards January, limited to a number of 13. I will have image up of the Crowley print next week.

I also started writing a script for yet another comic, this one a really short run, maybe even a bigger one shot. I don’t know, it’d be easier to shop around a one shot than the longer series I am writing. It’s coming out really cool and very creepy.

I will also have a new myspace layout by next week too hopefully. My current one is getting old.


Here’s a shirt design I did awhile back that the client never claimed, forgot about it. One of my favorite digital pieces I’ve done. May use it for the layout.



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