Awesome stuff.

This week I landed a great new client. A new apparel company is making some shirts, all about social commentary in the current world and they picked me to do 5 new designs for them. I already finished one today and am awaiting word on the concepts for the others.

I also finished Thorr-Axe’s shirt design (shown below) and will soon be working on their album art. This next coming year is going to be hectic.

Our school had a art show last week where some of our prints were displayed and for sale. Not much really happened with it but there was alot of attendance so it was cool getting some of my other stuff shown to people. The West Florida Potters guild were there and they sported some sick follicle art (ie. mustaches). That was probably the best part of the show, seeing 5 guys walk in with steampunk style handlebar mustaches.

I also started writing the second issue of the Pariah Messiah script which is coming along pretty well.

As far as Thanksgiving goes it was a blast, family was fun, my girlfriend enjoyed it. Her parents finally met mine after two and  a half years and hit it off. Then my birthday was awesome too. Went out to my favorite restaurant, got some cool gifts, only sucky part was the girl had to work. But she did get me the special edition Assassins Creed Brotherhood, which was awesome among other things.

These next coming weeks will be hectic and I might not be able to post anything due to school and finals.



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