Year end self realization.

Over the last 6 months I’ve been working on a myriad of personal projects that I’ve tried to slip between into my work schedule, personal life and school. While I’ve done some of them, my main one, my comics, hasn’t had the attention I feel it deserves. I know that alot of it has to do with the fact I was afraid to start the script for the first graphic novel for my main project, Pariah Savior. Which may end up getting a name change by the time I’m finished. I felt very intimidated by the prospect of doing those first 5 issues. I finished the first towards the end of summer and stopped writing them.

Supplementing it with my nervious reaction of doing concept sketches for the characters. Which wasn’t a bad thing, I got a lot done, shapped their personalities with new fresh ideas I threw at it and really became happy with their look. I also figured out the style of the book it self too. I spent countless hours studying over panels, artists work  of different styles and books trying to see what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what I could sample from each of these inspirations. What I got out of it was fun and exciting, which lead me to bite the bullet and start to write.

I spent the last two weeks working on the script for the first five issues, which will be released as a volume, a graphic novel or a trade paper back, whatever you want to call it. It came out quick, easy and has a good down to earth feel. When I read comics, a lot of what I read is over analyzed, over jargonized (or in some cases way too much slang or bad translations of dialects) and it feels artificial. Like eating fast food chicken nuggets when some one has chicken breast on the grill. You get that greasy uneasy disgusted feeling in your ears instead of your stomach. A lot of writers try and make a book seem smarter so they throw a lot of scientific terms that don’t mean anything, seem made up and really just make me scoff at it. Or the fact that Wolverine and Sabretooth talk like they are good ole’ boys from the south. Writers have them say things out of a Skynyrd song but I never once read “aie!” or aboot.” Or the forced nature of the cliche use of urban slang in comics. It’s about 6 years in the past. Update your work guys.

I tried to stay away from that, if any jargon would be used it’d be grounded in something. If any slang is used, it isn’t shoved in your face. If any accents or dialogues are used, I researched them or used experience before I include them. Probably spent too much time on that. But I know if you get caught up in your lines upfront, you lose the feeling. So I never looked back at anything, that’s what editing is for. That I learned from the Art & Story podcast and the McCloud book my girlfriend got me. Those two resources have been invaluable to me. I picked up a few things from a few Kevin Smith (the king of conversations in movies) dvd’s I got and it really helped me figure out how dialogue should be.

So now that I have half of the fourth issue done and the 5th will be done before the new year my resolution will be to finish the 5 issue mini series I wanted to self publish that I put a few sketches up of called Pop-Skull. Summery of this is it’s about two young 3rd generation Moonshiners in Zephyrhills, FL get the chance of a life time to make a legit business with a big name bourbon company in Kentucky. But their rival in Tennesseey gets wind of this and pulls out all the stops knowing that his company will tank if these boys get their stuff to Bourbon County, Kentucky. This will be shopped around as well, no company takes a ongoing series but they will listen to short mini series and one shots.

Had a great year, here’s to a even better 2011.



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