New Site/blog, Scrapping the name change and Comic Progress.

After realizing how difficult it’d be to change the domain names, sites, user names and so on I decided to scrap the name change idea. Plus, I hate using the word “designs” in anything I do anyways. I don’t consider my self a designer, people who make drape patterns for Target are designers. I feel it’s a pretentious title anyways, illustrator sounds more humble to me. I decided to just create a new blog/site for the comic stuff which I will post on this blog too but I will put on there too.

Tuesday night at 1:59 am I finished the script for the first volume of Pariah Savior. I learned alot while doing it, like instead of writing a description of the scene I will make a sketch and then put the dialogue down. I also am going to try and write the next one on my computer, I liked doing it on paper this time but it’s going to be a pain to transfer and I think I have arthritis now and my neck has been stiff for a week straight.

Tonight I’m going to start mapping out the scenes on some newsprint. I’m going to do them in sections by issue. Then when I’m done doing that edit the dialogue if need be, I like the scenes, may change a few though.



About Vicarious Press

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